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The Nick Highfill Show

Who is Nick Highfill

In March 2019, I began my entrepreneurial journey, filled with passion but navigating the often overwhelming maze of goal-setting and prioritizing. Like many, I dove headfirst into business, grappling with time management, and facing the familiar entrepreneur woes of late deliveries and long nights. The mounting stress wasn't just a mental strain; it manifested physically, leading to alarming heart concerns and a stark wake-up call with a specialist.

Fast forward three years, and a transformative program called 75 Hard provided the clarity I'd been seeking. I began aligning with tales of fellow entrepreneurs, carving out goals and crafting routines that reignited my drive. Through trials and errors, I found solace in a simple weekly plan and an AI-based calendar, providing the clarity and direction every entrepreneur yearns for. Today, I stand testament to the idea that, with determination and the right tools, clarity and balance are attainable in this entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

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